Saturday, September 13, 2008

Abother commercial-use action grab bag revealed on my blog

And for my blog readers - below you can see the brand new grab bag revealed:


Sooze said...

I bought this grab bag...and it's GORGEOUS!!!!

Kimberly.3D said...

Hi Monica. I love all your beautiful items. I just wanted to say I left you an award on my site. It's the Kreativ Blogger Award. Come by and get it.

Deanna said...

HI!! I just found your stuff at Commercial Use and I'm in LOVE!!!!! I'm a designer and your actions and other commercial use stuff is awesome! I love that your bow actions can be used with ready made ribbons. Thanks so much for your amazing stuff!

ChaDesignz said...

we are just open a new store in a few days and we would like to have you in our team
hope you will accept

Anonymous said...


Vivayne said...

Monica, sorry to contact you here about this, but I just bought a bunch of your actions on however, once I downloaded them and put them in my files, I found out that I already had one of the actions. Obviously I can't do anything with 2 of the same digital file :) It is not in my history at, I don't know why, I bought a bunch before too, maybe from your old website. Is there any way I could get a different action since I already had that one. If you are able to look it up, the action I purchased from you before was under my name, Vivayne and it was the file monica280, bow #21 (which I have now bought twice - ay yay yeye I am a goof). If there is any chance you would replace it, I would like your Fasten It action instead. If not, I understand. Please delete this message from your blog posts :) Thank you.

Roberta T said...

Hi Monica! I just found you too. I love some of your CU actions. But I have CS4. Will they work for me? You can leave a comment on my blog please?

MISREPRESENTED said... Come and check us out.