Saturday, August 25, 2007

Double up bow action

With this action you can tie a cute double bow using you own premade ribbons - or any background paper.

And we have a winner...

I desided to call the kit Fairytale Spring - which was one of the suggestions I got on mail. Thanks Judy.

And for the first 10 customers who purchase this at my store - I will give them a 50 % off on this kit. Use the code fairytale

Thank you all for your wonderfull suggestions, you really gave me a hard time desiding.

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Name it and win it...

I am done with my lates kit - but I need your help with the name

Here is the preview - and if you have a suggestion - please leave a comment and I will deside tomorrow. If you don't want to leave your e-mail addy - but still want to be considered - send me an e-mail as well - to

To all of those designers who have sent me e-mails

I have gotten soooooooooooo many applications from equali many talented designers who all want to become designers at
I think it is amazing how many of you who would like to join us, and many of you will get the chance - so just stay in there LOL.

The thing is that I have not been able to answer all of you yet, but I am getting there. And don't worry - if you still haven't heard from me - it DOES NOT neccesarily mean that you will be rejeckted ;)

New Beginning

I have gone back to my "real" job. After having spent almost three years at home with my twins it is time to go back. And I have to say - I am loving it.

But at the same time as I have gone back to work as a teacher I have also desided to start over (again LOL) on my blog. I mean - how hard can it be to add a comment every now and then.

Or maybe I should hire someone to do it for me?

Anyway - there are even more changes coming - but intil now - the other changes remains a secret.

Oh - almost forgot. Have a new freebie - Good old Western Alpha