Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Name it and win it...

I am done with my lates kit - but I need your help with the name

Here is the preview - and if you have a suggestion - please leave a comment and I will deside tomorrow. If you don't want to leave your e-mail addy - but still want to be considered - send me an e-mail as well - to


.:. Christine .:. said...

Tender breeze
Tender pastel breeze
Tender pastel dream
Spring dream
Pastel dream
Pastel breeze

Digitess said...

childhood spring
childhood dreams
Spring fling

by- Lizandherbabes said...

Simply Sweet
Sweet Release
Simply Spring

Hanne79 said...

A midsummer Night´s dream

Lill said...

straws between toes
tasty pastels
summer vecation

Anonymous said...

fra M o n a (wds):

Quiet moment
Imaginary dreams
Flashy Summer
Fancy summer

Laura said...

I am going to say...


Tara said...

Summer Sorbet

elna said...

Summer breeze.
Sweet breeze.
Windy summer.

Anit@ said...

Summer Dream
Velvet summer
Summer Memories
Smell of grass
A day at the beach
Simply Summer

Lisa Joy said...

Butterfly kisses
Pastel fliers

My email is ljcrochet at gmail dot com

Scraphaugen said...

Summer Joy
Joy of Summer
Summer Moments

Hug, Lenemor

Isa said...

Pastel summer
Pastel fun
Summer fun
Summer dreas
Summer memories

Lunica said...

Summer fun
Bees and kites

Kristin K said...

Fond Childhood memories
Barefoot in the grass
My fondest memory
Endless summer

A Gift of Hope Adoptions said...

Spring Meadow
Summer Breeze
Let's Go Fly a Kite

didn't look at the other answers so sorry if i duplicated!

drgnldy said...

I thought of summer breeze but I see someone beat me to that one...hmm...
how bout:
Just Breezy
Petals in the Wind
Breezes & Blooms
In Like a Lamb

Jen said...

How about

Cool Summer Memories
Pastel Summer
Easy Breezy
Pastel Breezes
Light Breeze

Donna said...

Beautiful kit!
my name---Summer Dance

Patamomma said...

Soft Summer Dream
Wistful Pastels
Lazy Summer Days

Wonderful looking kit! Patty

Mz said...

Soft 'n' Sweet
Pastel Perfection
Lazy Dayz of Summer