Wednesday, September 19, 2007

OMG - things are so amazing these days.

OK - I just have to let you in on how wonderful everything is these days - I just had to share it with someone, and I can't talk to my DH - cause he doesn't undestand any of this - even though he is trying really hard LOL

The store is now finally back up - on a dedicated server. We had so much traffic that we had to move - and that is just great - even if it meant that the store would be down a few days. But I am thrilled to see from the stats that it only took a couple of hours before the customers returned to the site.
I have also gotten so many applications from designers who would like to join the team - so many that I now feel I can pick among the best out there. I am so excited. The latest addition to the team is Terry Maruca - who many of you know from SBE and SBB. She will be adding her products shortly.

I am also getting a lot of e-mails from customers these days - and it is so totally making my days. You wouldn't belive all the nice things people say about me (yes I know someone might be saying bad things too - but let's focus on the good things for a minute)
Speaking of good things - My latest page was among the gallery standouts yesterday - can you belive that?
Here it is - it is from my new kit that is not out yet - but it's coming.

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20Birds said...

well it does stand out, i especially love that bit of pixie dust..and darling photo